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The Potential for Macadamias in Vietnam

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

For its high economic value and extraordinary nutrition,  Macadamia has drawn much enthusiasm from  agricultural experts and promised to help farmers in the provinces in the Northwestern region  and the Central Highlands of Vietnam reduce poverty and eradicate hunger.

The Macadamia, indigenous to Australia, was introduced to Vietnam about ten years ago for trial cultivation in the Northwestern and Central Highland regions where there are the best growing conditions for the tree. Notably, Vietnam’s macadamia trees have produced the same, and higher, yields as Australia, the world’s number one macadamia producer.

The macadamia nut is dubbed “the Queen of Nuts” for its extraordinary nutritional value and distinctive flavor.

Macadamia harvesting in Vietnam

Compared to other common edible seeds, such as almonds and cashews, macadamias are high in fat and low in protein. Out of all the seeds and nuts, macadamias have the highest amounts of mono-unsaturated fats. Nut is round with a diameter of 2-3cm and has a glossy crème. It has a smooth, buttery texture and uniquely flavorful and creamy taste. In Vietnam, Macadamia nuts are normally processed into 32 different products of different tastes, such as raw or salted, roasted and cracked covered with salt, mustard, honey or black chocolate.

According to Decree 210/2013/ND-CP, the projects on growing Macadamia trees in a total area of more than 50ha are given support of 15 million dong/ha from the State's budget; nurseries with more than 500,000 macadamia saplings/year are supported up to 70% of its cost.

Macadamia nuts

Since 2002, the Research Centre for Forest Tree Improvement under the Vietnamese Academy of Forestry Sciences and other organizations have conducted research and grown Macadamia trees on a trial basis in the Central Highlands and the Northwestern region and mountain provinces in the Central region. They initially imported the Macadamia saplings from China, and then Thailand and Australia. After 10 years of trial cultivation in 16 provinces with 20 models in a total area of 35ha, 10 varieties of Macadamia have been selected for planting in the Central Highland and Northwestern regions.

Skincare product line from macadamia nuts

Seeing the great potential of Macadamia trees, many enterprises have invested in cultivating the lucrative crop, processing and trading Macadamia nuts which are in high demand in the market. For instance, LienViet Post Bank is carrying out a project on giving farmers a loan of 10,000 billion dong to plant the trees and Vinamacca Joint-stock Company is also implementing a project on a training and transferring technique of planting and tending Macadamia trees, building three large-scale Macadamia nurseries in Yen Thuy District (Hoa Binh), Krong Nang District and Coffee 715B Ma’Drak Company in Dak Lak. The Macadamia Joint-Stock Company in Dien Bien Province has carried out a project on growing 3,400ha of forests combined with Macadamia trees in Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien Province.

The Macadamia market in Vietnam has now become very busy with the participation of scientists and enterprises involved in planting Macadamia trees, processing and importing and exporting Macadamia nut products. Recently, Festival Macadamia 2015 held in Hanoi introduced customers to Macadamia products and provided them with opportunities for investment. Furthermore, a forum was also held for scientists, enterprises and investors to discuss measures and directions to further develop Macadamia trees in Vietnam.


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